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The Founding Team

Meet the people behind Ur My Type

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The Ur My Type Origin Story

Click here to learn more about how Ur My Type came to be and how we got to where we are today!


Firas Abdallah (ENTJ)

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Firas is a jack of all trades. He has been passionate about personality types for more than a decade. He got the inspiration for Ur My Type in April 2020 after being laid off at the beginning of the pandemic. When he is not working on Ur My Type, Firas enjoys… Oh wait, all he does is work on Ur My Type.

Chris (INTJ)

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Chris was born to be a software engineer. A self-taught coder from a young age, Chris dropped out of his computer science university degree because he felt he “wasn’t learning anything”. No technical task is too difficult for Chris. The more challenging, the better!

Hani (ENFP)

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In Hani’s own words, joining Ur My Type “saved” him from his corporate job where he felt under-stimulated and as if he hadn’t learned much in the 3 years he spent there! Hani has been with the team since Day 1. He is the most “normal” one among us.